Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Did some display work at Homestead in Fredericksburg today, here are some shots.

Homestead has some great vintage jewelry


  1. Just posted in my blog about Carol Bolton and how we miss seeing her in the magazines like we used to. Theresa Cano sent me over to check you out, so now you'll be a part of my faves...I live in a 100 year old(pink)shack in Iowa, with vintage wallpaper and cracked and chippy original plaster walls, ragged and torn Victorian furniture and have recently had a building built to have a small shop in...but back in the day I was so inspired by Carol, that I still decorate in her style, along with Robin Brown...someday I'll get to Texas to see all you gals...and drool!


  2. came over from Sweet Repose too & I'm lovin' your blog. My sisters, myself & several others are part of a shop in Ozark, MO. Several yrs. ago we made regular treks to Fredericksburg & loved the Homestead stores. So glad Theresa sent us your way. Jan

  3. Beautiful!
    It was truly serendipitous that I got to meet you and Rose today!

    See you soon!