Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goals for 2011

What I'm about to blog about in this post is fun and important to me, but what i consider my most important goals and my greatest accomplishments always have to do with relationships. Relationships with family and friends. So while I hope to get all these fun material things acclomplished, they can wait another year if they have to, but the things done with and for family and friends will always come first for me.

So with that being said, The first on a long long list of projects to get accomplished...

This chest of drawers...

Turned into this, with the help of some old sheet music and a jar of mod podge

Some raw materials for other things I hope to get accomplished this year.

Tea dyed lace awaiting transformation into clothing, pillows, curtains, lamp shades....... oh the possibilities!!!!

Some beautiful bits of vintage goodness waiting to be given new life as pretty layered necklaces.

There are many other ideas rolling around in my head too. I have an idea for an old bicycle, lots of funky lighting ideas, pillows, altered art, lamp shades, sea shell art, a succulent wreath,..... on and on, But the biggest project I would love to get accomplished is to turn an old outbuilding we have into my studio this year, we'll see, it's a pretty tall order because it has no electricity, no water, no glass in one of the windows. But maybe, just maybe.........

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  1. Tea dyed Lace and Bohemian Bling... some of my favorite things!

    Dawn... The Bohemian