Sunday, January 2, 2011

Never Too Late

Better late than never. So before it all comes down, I thought I would show you a few things I did for Christmas in our Home.Yes that is cracked and peeling wallpaper. Now I know that alot of people couldn't live with old wallpaper like this, but we Loooovvvvveeee it. My Daddy says that I don't like anything unless it's falling apart, and he's right!!! I love old, even falling apart original anything. The house we live in was built in 1895. When we pulled the 1970's panneling down, this is what we found!!!!
Couldn't bear to throw away these cracked vintage ornaments, so I put them in birds nest with cracked eggs. I love the way it looks.
Vintage shabby silver ornaments inside large acorn pods on a wasps nest.
Old industrial piece filled with shredded sheet music, greenery and vintage ornaments
This was our first Christmas without my Dear Sweet Grandmother (Granny). These were her ornaments.She divided up her vintage ornaments between the 3 grandaughters about 10 years ago. I have used them every year since, but this year they seemed more special.
Vintage ornaments strewn on the coffee table. My sweet daughter, Jesika, gave me the silver heart shaped one.
A glittery blue bird in silver glitter branches

My dear friend Carol Bolton made this wonderful ornament, and I was delighted to receive it as a gift!!! She is soooo creative.
I hosted a little ornament making party at my home before Christmas for my Mom, Daughter, Sister and Niece. We made these cones and ornaments in sweet rememberance of my Grandparents with a photo of all 4 of my Grandparents on them.
One of the little peat pot ornaments I made last year.
Family tradition is very important to me. There is something comforting in seeing things that have come out year after year to adorn our home at Christmas Time. These are things that Family members have made:

The nativity figures were made by my Mom in her Sunday School class when she was in 3rd grade. They have been on display every Christmas of my life, She gave them to me a few years ago when we moved back to Llano. The crocheted wreath was made by my paternal Grandmother (Mamma) and the Red and White doilies were made by Granny just shortly before she passed. The wooden tree was carved for me by my sweet Daddy when I was but a wee lass. It has been out every Christmas since.

The little black feather tree with tiny vintage ornaments on the dinning room mantel.(Yes that is more cracked wallpaper in the dining room, Love it, love it!!!!)

So now it's time to take it all down, and I always miss it, especially the lights. So I will but them safely away and let my heart grow fonder until next season. Peace.


  1. I do the same thing with my cracked ornaments, too funny! Loved seeing the images of your home.

  2. Great minds think alike!! ha ha. I want to thank you for always being so kind. Your sweet comments have inspired me to try to be a better blogger. Thank you.