Friday, April 1, 2011


This is Danielle Carmichael and her wonderful studio and business Thou Art, isn't that a cute name!!!She and her mom Connie Bishop are two very talented ladies.
Danielle made this dress!!!!!!!!
Connie's husband Marion does life casting, how cool are these?
Harriet Myrick is a true artist in every sense of the word. Her studio is a calm light filled space where she creates her magic.
Lou Quallenberg is a furniture maker extraodiniare. His work has been published in national magazines and is in several galleries including in London!!! He works with Texas mesquite. He and his beautiful wife Cheryl are lovely people.
Lou gave a demonstration on inlaying turquoise to a big crowd.
My dear friend Robin Cheisa and her sweetheart Russell Baros were showing some of their art at the Quallenberg Studio. Robin owns Circle Gallery and Russell makes saddles and other leather goods, and he is ALWAYS dressed in fabulously authentic old west apparel.
Bob and Lisa Pheil - She is a basket weaver and he is an amazing blacksmith. His studio is every man's dream.
Janet Mason, Brenda Mason, and Brenda's 3 beautiful daughters have this darling shop, A rosy outlook, and in the back is a studio where classes are given, they are all so creative and fun. Check them out at and
WHEW, long post, and I didn't even get to see the other 10 or so studios on the tour. Maybe next year. And here is a little sneak peak at what I'll be showing you in my next post:
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Hi Binky!!! this post just made my heart skip a beat!!! Danielle Carmichael desk in the first photo is GORGEOUS!!!! I just love peeking into other peoples studios and seeing little glimpse of their art... one day I hope to have one of my own!!! thank you so much for sharing your tour!!! I loved it

  2. Love your site!! Awesome!!! Sheri