Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pink Coffee Filter Wreath

Here is my pink coffee filter valentine wreath.

This was my first project using coffee filters. I have wanted to make something with them for a long time, and finally got around to it. After I made the wreath, Jesika and Rachel and I redid the window at Binky la Faye with flowers made from coffee filters and crumpled sheet music. I'll show you that in a few days when I get back on my feet (after 10 months of trying every natural and homeopathic thing I could find, I finally succumbed to having my stone ridden gallbladder removed on Friday, ouch, But my sweetheart Ron, is the best boy nurse in the world and is waiting on me hand and foot, so I should be up and around again soon) Here are a couple of other Valentine shots at the store:


  1. Lovely photos! How did you color your coffee filters pink? I have only tea dyed them!

  2. I died the filters pink with rit dye and let them dry outside in the sun.

  3. Oh Binky, so sorry to hear that you had to have surgery, but glad you are on the mend and being pampered by dear Ron... it was so nice talking to him when I ordered my Valentine's Heart and thank him for holding it for me. It arrived today *SWOON*... I just LOVE it! I have done a Post about it tonight. The Grandson and I had fun making a vignette for it... he liked the bird's nest in your lovely Romantic vignette and so he embellished a nest for me to use *smiles*, such an Artistic and creative young Man he is. I believe all children are Artists.. it's just when some people grow up they forget that it is still within them to be creative.

    I love your coffee filter wreath and the hot Pink dye is an amazing color, really pops!

    Continue to take it easy and I'm sending healing vibes your way... Dawn... The Bohemian