Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So a couple of weeks ago Tim Bolton (of Homestead in Fredericksburg,Texas) wanted to get his wife Carol a birthday present, and I suggested he get her a pair of the ruffled leggings we have at Binky la Faye. So since Carol is a sweet friend of mine I wrapped the leggings for him in a way I thought Carol would like and left the present setting on the table in the living room until the next time I was going to work at Homestead. Well my sweetheart takes a picture of the present with his phone, because he thought the wrapping was so wonderful. Here is a picture of the present I wrapped, It's okay, but not spectacular by any means although I will say that this picture doesn't do it justiceThen on Christmas morning, I get this present from him!!!!
Of course I wanted to know who he paid to wrap it.
But he said he was inspired by the present I had wrapped for Carol, and he did the wrapping himself!!!!

I LOVED IT!!!! it was so pretty, I didn't even want to open it, and after I did finally open it I made him wrap the empty box back. (by the way... there was a great pair of boots inside).
So I was out done at gift wrapping!!! What a dream man, he did good!!!


  1. Oh my, what a great job he did. Love the wasp nests the most!! A friend of mine knew how much I liked wasp nests, so one year she made me neckace with one. Happy early New Year! ps maybe you should hire him at the shop next year to do all the wrapping :)

  2. Binky, Ron is now my hero...He certainly deserves one of those "junk hunk" shirts junk revolution sells...

    Happy New Year! Hope to see you sometime soon!
    Kristi Day