Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I decided to try selling some things on ebay this week.
Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl is a dear sweet friend. She is one of the most generous persons I have ever had the honor to call my friend and we are true kindred spirits. I love, love , love all of her clothing. Because I'm sort of strapped for cash at this particular moment I decided to sell these bloomers. They are available and up for bids for the next 7 days on ebay. My user id on ebay is flashbacksouth, or just search for Magnolia Pearl. I also have some old bank checks from Navasoto Texas, wouldn't they be great in some altered art project? and this wonderful old Victorian or Edwardian night gown with such sweet lace and patches.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. OMG I can't believe it... I adored these pixs on E-Bay, even though I didn't win the Bloomers, so I did a blog post with some of the photos crediting E-Bay as the source cribbed from, hope you don't mind?... I love the older MP wear since I'm a Vintage Velvet addict *wink* ... loving the MP Bag! It's a small world huh? Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian