Monday, February 11, 2013


It's always the right hue of old. The black lettering against the aged patina of vintage paper ephemera has always intriqued me. When I lived in Fredericksburg, Texas back in the mid 1990's I papered my bedroom walls with antique newspapers and sheet music. .
In that same home I fashioned scalloped shelf paper from chinese newsprint and decopaged my dining room chairs with old hymnals.
The walls of the kitchen in our current home is plastered with pages from vintage dictionaries, old books, and antique sheet music. I used aged and yellowed book pages as a backdrop for my jewelry assemblages
In the shop pages from a 1930's dictionary are displayed on a collection of clipboards and bits of antique emphemera are strewn atop a vanity sharing the space with starfish and a crusifix on a blackened silver tray.
Yesterday I was gifted this box of vintage newspaper by my dear friend Robin Brown
As usual the patina is that perfect yellowish aged paper color. The images and stories are fascinating.
And the wheels in my head are spinning faster than a printing press with ideas on how to use this wonderful gift. Stay tuned, hopefully I can show you finished projects soon!!!


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with this beautiful paper!!!!!

  2. Binky, I saw something this past weekend at Urban Market that would have had your head spinning from this inspiration. It was old newspaper, bits of fabric, with flowers, cardboard boxes, burlap and much more. I'm not describing near as pretty as it was, it blew me away and has inspired me to create something very similar. I didn't take a picture or I would have shared it with you. Think inspiration board with the volumn turned up 100 degrees!

  3. Oh and one more thing...your pictures were so inspirational how you cut out the newspaper the way you did it in that book. Still have it marked as one of my favs today.

    1. Theresa, you are so kind. Thank you for the compliment. Can't wait to see your project!!!

  4. I still have that magazine feature with your newspaper clippings. In fact, I made it my personal quest to find a Chinese newspaper in Dallas...which I did!
    I just saw a new collection by one of the furniture manufacturers doing chairs like yours. Just goes to show, clever never goes out of style or favor.

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