Monday, December 20, 2010

Llano Christmas Home Tour

So last year the Christmas home tour only had a couple of houses that were really decked out. I was glad that all the homes were decorated this year!!! I know there are a lot of pics, but there was alot to see. So here goes, This is the home of Ray and Patricia Hamm, they have the shop next door ours, called Whimsey's. Patricia was a really good customer at Binky la Faye when she was getting ready for the home tour!!! Thanks Patricia!!!

Love, Love, Love this little purse.

She got this doll dress from me five minutes after i displayed it.

wonderful collection of vintage glass ornaments
several of these vintage hard plastic ornaments came from Binky la Faye

The "tom" stockings were purchased from Binky la Faye!!

This sweet cottage belongs to Mrs. Billie Laning, who was my 8th grade enlish teacher. Her charming and talented daughter Belle decorated it.
Love the colors of these ornaments

She even had a tree in the bathroom!!!

This is the home of Bob and Linda Gammage. They decorated every room, including the guest house and office, and outdoor kitchen, so cute.
liked this clear glass platters on the wall.

This wonderful house has just been renovated by Phylis, one of the dealers in our shops. She did a fabulous job on this victorian, raising the roof to add an upstairs. Wish I had taken more pics.

We actually considered buying this house a few years ago, but it was in such state of disrepair that we just felt like we couldn't take it on, but look how cute it is now. They found 12 different patterns of antique wall paper during the renovation. They cut a small square of each one and framed them, so cute.

Okay I'm off to watch the lunar eclipse!!!


  1. Loved seeing this home tour. That's one thing I really like to do during the Christmas season. The one I did go to in McKinney was just so pretty the way she used vintage things.

  2. It's so much fun seeing how other people decorate. I love home tours too. I usually do the Fredericksburg Christmas Home Tour but missed it this year. And that Home you blogged about in McKinney's Home tour was fabulous over the top spectacular!!!! thanks